Brandon Boan



2017    Cyclopean Stonewares and The Coming Of The Night, UnSmoke Systems, Braddock, PA (upcoming with 181)

2016    Waxing & Waiting, 707 Gallery Pittsburgh Cultural Trust, Pittsburgh, PA

2015   There is Hope But Not For Us, Maharishi University Fairfield, IA

2014    Instruments of Observation, Slingshot 2014, Athens, GA.

2013    Or Why Bridges Are Like Whales, “Mind-Roaming Journeys,” Bowery Art & Science, New York, NY.

2013    TECHNE-TEETH, photographic performance commissioned by The Carnegie Museum of Art, Carnegie International CI13 Event Pittsburgh, PA

2012    Swing Song Centripetal, Cose Cosmische #3, Galleria Artra, Milan, Italy.

2012    Circles of Commotion and Moving Pauses, SPACE Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA. 

2011    The Like of this Bell, National Center for Contemporary Art, St. Petersburg, Russia. 

2011    Remembrances Awakened, Stockholm Fringe Festival, Stockholm, Sweden. 

2011    Oh I Think I Know Where the Green Ray Goes, ICA Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA.

2011    comprising further investigations into zodiacal light, SOMA/VASA Artscrawl, Penn State University, State College

2010    Von Humboldt’s Dreams #3, Stockholm Fringe Festival, Stockholm, Sweden.

2010    Sonorous Silence (Hi Ho Andrei Rublev), networked performance, Embassy Annuale, Edinburgh,     Scotland.

2010    Lacunae (The Sea’s Gaze), networked performance, Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil. Part of Mobilefest 2010.



2017    The Long Run - Guest Curator Brandon Boan, The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust, SPACE GALLERY, Pittsburgh, PA (scheduled)

2017    Cabinet - Curated by Adam Milner, David B. Smith Gallery, Denver CO.

2016    Checks and Balances, SPACE GALLERY, Curated by Murray Horne of Wood Street Galleries, Pittsburgh, PA           

2015   Verve, Rowe University Gallery, UNC-Charlotte North Carolina

2015   256 Shades of Grey, (Artist Book commissioned by Kartz Ucci, Alexander Gallery, Clackamas, OR

2015   Hydriotaphia, Two-person exhibition with Abby Donovan at Paperwork's Birmingham, AL

2011    Pittsburgh Biennial at Carnegie Museum of Art: Curated by Daniel Byers, Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh PA.

2007  Groveling Gleam, Two-person exhibition with Backa Carin Ivarsdotter at Svensk Form Gallery, Stockholm Sweden


2007 M.F.A. The University of Delaware, Newark, DE

2005 B.F.A The Unviersity of North Carolina at Charlotte


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